Japanese - Gokai

Welcome to you, who seeks a purpose with this life.

Many things are unexplainable phenomenons in this world.
Different events in our life-journey test our faith.

The purpose of life in this world and the essence of life can be unexplainable and hard to understand for some. But for others, life on earth is a natural and spiritual process that brings them into close contact with an invisible reality, filled with peace and love.
A reality where the energy itself, which give life and heals everything, plays a central role.

Life exists within you and in all living beings and we humans are a part of Life.
Reiki, is the Life-Energy itself and comes from the highest dimension.

Whether you are a believer or not, Reiki will always be the shinning white light, the spiritual and physical healing power, which anyone and anybody, who is ready to receive, can learn to use.

Alfredo Nicosia

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