kinesisk tegn - Hikari (lys)


  • Who can learn Reiki?
  • Anyone can learn to channel Reiki. Reiki ho, has two important elements: the "link" with the Universal Energy  and the use of it.

  • In wich way you can develop the sensitive capacity ?
  • In Gendai Reiki ho, there are some methods and exercises for inner growth and spiritual "cleansing"  allowing to develop and refine the skills involved in healing process.The continuing energy exercises also increase sensitivity to the individual.

  • Is there any Energy lost during the practice of Reiki on the "patient"?
  • The therapist of Reiki in Gendai Reiki ho, do not lose power, because he himself is the channel of the "Vital Universal Energy" and is connected to the "Light" of the infinite and eternal universe. Through the transmission of Reiki both, the "patient" and the therapist receive the benefits of this pure and brilliant energy. ?

  • Is Reiki ho , a method of relaxation?
  • No, but the Reiki helps to relax. Do a balance by removing the inner physical stress.

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