I am a sociologist from the University of Urbino (Italy) and 2.dan Karate instructor of Gensei ryū Karate-do.I have a  Shinpiden level in Gendai Reiki ho (Reiki 3), obtained at  'The Danish School of Gendai Reiki Ho '.
In a room with suffused light and relaxing music, the 'patient' lies comfortably on a bed or  mat,  and for him  or her, begin the healing 'journey'.
Many peoples, and many sensations.
During the healing experience the 'patient' receives various sensations, like heat, cold and sometimes, even no sensations at all. However when you work with Reiki, the pure healing energy is transmitted always . What the client chooses to do with this energy is up to each individual person to decide. As practitioners you know, that you transfer the healing energy to the client. Reiki reduces stress and facilitates physical relaxation; Reiki does not conflict with religious beliefs; Reiki does not interfere on medical treatment and similarly do not replacing it. 

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